Friday, March 20, 2009

This is just for you #2 (you know who you are)

Back when we started this blog we had to beg people to read our posts and you were there for us at the beginning. But after a few months we, Monica and Kim, came to the conclusion that you (you know who you are) just weren’t interested anymore. You acted offended by the Burt Reynolds/David Lee Roth question but we know that secretly you really liked it. And, I think that secretly you want to be David Lee Roth. We have left you alone about reading the blog and we haven’t heard or received any comments from you for, like FOREVER! We dealt with it and decided that was okay. You just didn’t get our humor. But then, today you tell Monica that we have Benny Hill music on our blog. There has never been Benny Hill music until now.

For a limited time only . . . Benny Hill everyone. And do you (you know who you are) want to know what else? This is now your theme song and this music will be playing in our heads every time we see you, talk to you on the phone and get an email from you.


Jon said...

Whats with the pears?---provacative
Great music I will be here everyday! I wonder how that person,"who knows who they are" feels being called #2. Isn't that a turd?

Kimberlie said...

Well, if you like the Benny Hill music you would think that the pears were boobs, wouldn't you?

Jon said...