Monday, April 18, 2011

Please tell me

I was on my way to the post office when I saw it. I have to admit that I was slightly horrified. When I was a young girl I thought it would be the best thing ever but I learned, not by experience, that it was not for me. What was it you ask? The Crystal Gayle hair cut, I guess I should call it a "style" since there is no cutting involved. A woman was crossing the street with hair that was down to her knees! It just isn't right. What does she do when it rains and your shoes kick up a bit of spray when you walk? Does she have to wind it all up on her head? Does she put it into a giant bun? Why hasn't someone told her that it isn't cool to have your hair that long? No one knows who Crystal Gayle is anymore.

Then I started to worry that my hair is too long. It is down to my lower back. Ever since I saw this woman I have been thinking about cutting my hair. No, I won't cut it above my shoulders but I do need to get it cut. Please tell me if my hairstyle ever reminds you of Crystal Gayle.