Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Time Flies

Where has the time gone? It is good to be busy and this summer has definitely been a busy one. Did you happen to catch the Dane Cook Tour? There have been garden parties that have had more of a purpose than your basic party. Margurite demostrated various meals and the food was amazing. The pictures are beautiful but the taste was even better.

Some family have visited for a week while others have decided to dedicate the next two years to helping others. One of us has moved homes and the other has dealt with all kinds of activities that have kept her children busy. And please don't forget the wonderful meals that have been created on the grill.

During the month of July we were enthralled with watching the Tour de France. We had hopes that Lance was going to win but "Pistolero" Contador took things into his own hands and stopped playing as a team member of Astana. I will admit that I was impressed with Armstrong's patience that he showed by not expressing his dissapointment in a teammate who played by different rules. I will stop talking about that because I could get on my soap box about that for a while.

This last week we went to Salt Lake City to watch the Prologue Stage of the Tour of Utah. The Rock Racing team is participating again this year and we had to go and visit the team area where the riders where cooling down after their time trial. The athletes were very friendly and signed autographs for the kids that were with us. Paco Mancebo, shown below, won the overall race, Congrats, Paco. And the Rock Racing team won the overall team competition. Michael Ball, team owner and owner of the Rock & Republic clothing line, spent some time with Monica and her family at Snowbird Ski Resort after the race.

With all of the activities going on we have definitely lacked in keeping up with our blogging. We hope that everyone has had a lovely summer and may the remainder of the year be refreshing to your soul.

Be sure to take the time to look out of your window and enjoy the beauty that is outside and if possible take your shoes off and walk barefoot in the grass. It will do you good.