Friday, March 27, 2009

Real Estate Friday

If you have ever lived in an apartment you probably dreamed of the day that you would be able to move to a bigger apartment or a lovely home with a bit of a yard that you could relax in. I currently live in an apartment that is too small for me and my precious things. As I looked at these three different apartments that Monica found I have come to the realization that I need to move into one of these apartments and finally I would not be lacking for space. I would have an issue with apartment #2 and how the bathtub is right there in front of the clear glass so that all of the people with binoculars could see me. I would have to have curtains or a folding blind or something to block the eyes of the poor people that might catch a glimpse.

We hope that you will enjoy these three different apartments:

Apartment #1 - $23,750,000.00 in New York City

Apartment #2 - $14,500,000.00 - New York City

Apartment #3 - $10,900,000.00 - New York City

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