Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Harem Pants-Will You Wear Them?

To wear or not to wear, that is my question. The new fashion trend for spring is harem pants. These little beauties are going for around $200.00 and more. Where could you wear these to? Perhaps to a MC Hammer/Vanilla Ice concert? Would your friends and onlookers laugh with reckless abandon when they see you strolling into the room in your fancy pants? I suppose I could wear these if I was having a fat day. After all, they are baggy with a drawstring waist. On second thought, maybe not. They'll just accentuate the puffiness.

Temperley London $785.00

Alexander McQueen $1,085.00

Sir Alistair Rai $215.00

American Retro $225.00
Cerulean $198.00

Balmain $1,770.00


Ali said...

Oh my. Those are awful!

Kimberlie said...

I think that the harem (Hammer) pants look like something that you would wear to cover up your Depends undergarment.

Jamie Lyn said...

I saw someone in a tye-dye pair at Temple Square. It was an interesting spectacle.