Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, Snow Day, and Costco Roses

It's the beginning of another week. Monday's are never fun, but waking up to several inches of snow on the 30th day of March is terrible! I admit, I do have a terrible case of Spring Fever. I bought these gorgeous roses at Costco to cure my winter blues. The colors were so great, I had to splurge and bring them home to live with me. On a snowy day like today, I'm glad I can smell the roses.


Kenza said...

Hi Monica,
Wonderful Roses!!!
Don’t worry Monica; I know some words in English… And thank you for comment!
See you soon

KarenB said...

Those beautiful roses should help a little! Thanks for coming by for a visit. Did you see my fabulous Tulips? I may have to continue to buy fresh flowers more often. I hope your snow melts really quickly!

La Mom said...

Costco is so great. You just made an expat have a bout of the blues - I miss Costco and Target.