Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I love winning

Those of you who know me know that I can be a competitive person. My favorite competitions are the ones that are secret; for example, Monica and I decided to read the book P.S. I Love You. We both secretly tried to finish the book first just to rub it into the other person. (Monica beat me by a couple hours.) When I was in high school I worked at a local movie theater. Working the concession stand can get boring after bagging so many bags of popcorn a night. So one night my friend Becky and I decided to have a competition with the other two workers (they didn’t know about the competition) to see who could bring in the most money in their drawer. We worked harder and faster and made tons more money than the other two people. Actually, they thought that Becky and I were crazy because we begged people to let us sell to them and told them that our popcorn was better than theirs. One guy heard our claims and ran over to us to buy popcorn. When by standers participate in my made up contests I find even more enjoyment in winning.

So last night we had a Relief Society dinner at the church building. The committee decided to have eight ladies sign-up to decorate one table each. Out of the kindness of my heart I decided to participate in the table decorating and secretly thought to myself that mine will be the best. Since it was a church dinner, I felt that my table should reflect a religious theme. I thought for a few days about it and it finally hit me, Matthew 5:14 “Ye are the light of the World.” If you read on we are told that our light should not be hid under a bushel so I decided that I would have the centerpiece be a tall candelabra surrounded by greenery (bushel) and some live flowers that could be taken home as a favor for sitting at my table.

When the time came to sit my table filled very quickly. I told the ladies that they could take the primroses home and they were giddy. Their favorite part was the candy dishes with Peanut M&Ms and the Cadbury Mini-eggs on the table. It was a nice evening. I did take pictures of all of the tables so I will let you decide if I won the imaginary contest or not.

The first table is mine.


Ali said...

Your table is so gorgeous! I would pick it too, and I'm not just saying that because I love cadburys!

Kimberlie said...

THANKS! I didn't mention that they served lasagna for dinner. I was surprised to see paper plates on the other tables. Lasagna is just too heavy for paper.

Jill said...

Oh yeah, you totally won that one... very nice. :)