Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A plea to the people

I have been watching DWTS (Dancing With the Stars) since the very first show. I thought it sounded hokey and dumb and that the celebrities on the show would make a complete spectacle of themselves. Well, after the first show I had to eat my words. I am addicted and the addiction is still strong today. I enjoy every version of the show that I have seen from the British version, to Spain’s to Mexico’s Bailando por un Sueno (Dancing for a Dream). I record the program and if a dance is really good I will watch it a couple of times. I act like I am one of the judges and look for mistakes and give my own critiques.

This season has been kind of different for me. I still love the show but there are more stars that seems to be lacking than seasons past. I will admit that I struggle to watch Steve Wozniak dance. I actually fast forward the recording because I am embarrassed for him. I almost feel pain in my soul to watch him dance and he continues to be on the show. I think his employees must be voting for him or he made some secret computer program that calls in votes for him from random telephone numbers. Holly Madison and Steve-O are starting to be grouped in that Steve Wozniak category.

The big surprise this season for me is Ty Murray, the rodeo guy/Jewel’s husband. I’m shocked every week that he actually can move because he was so stiff and cardboard-like the first week that I thought OH CRAP THIS SEASON IS GOING TO SUCK! But the cowboy has been surprising me he really isn’t stiff as a board. Another surprise is Lil’Kim, you know she isn’t getting votes just from her fellow prison sisters.

In case you wondered, I don’t call or email in a vote. I think I did once the first season but I’m just not into making that kind of an effort. I do clap if I think the dance was really good. So please it’s time to get down to business. If you are voting for Steve Wozniak, Steve-O, Holly Madison, or know someone who is please make them stop. I can’t handle it anymore. I am ready to focus on the better dancing that doesn’t require me to fast forward the recorded program. Plus it is hard to watch the low scores and the sort of mean comments.

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Jill said...

I am in love/lust with Gilles Marini!!! He is amazing and so good looking too... I watch his dance over a couple times. I think Melissa is doing great and Lil Kim too. :)