Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

My friend Audrey called me last Thursday with an invite to go and see Vanilla Ice on the local television show, Good Things Utah. Of course I had to say YES!!! Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to see the great white rapper from the eighties?

Be sure to notice Vanilla Ice looking right at my camera. I know he was thinking, “That lady with the red Sony Cybershot is sooo attractive, she looks so young, does she Botox?”. While I was thinking “What is wrong with his right eye?”

Audrey had to share the spotlight with the crazy pregnant woman (she has the permed hair and denim jacket from the eighties) on the left of Vanilla Ice. Crazy pregnant woman had him sign his autograph on her belly with a Sharpie. Very classy. I’m positive her boyfriend and/or husband was really happy about that. Audrey and I lucked out when Vanilla’s manager whisked us off to the lobby for a personal meet and greet. I would show you that picture, however, I look like I’m trying not to laugh hysterically(because on the inside, I really was laughing hysterically).


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Classy in Philadelphia said...

Haha, as for Kim's question on my blog: I thought the Woz was awful. I was embarrassed for him, but he seemed to be having a ball. I think he is going to get to stay on for awhile though because he has such a following!