Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This is just for you (you know who you are)

I think it is time that we start to be honest with each other. Sometimes we have things that make each of us unique and there things that we find in common with everyone, no matter our background. I think this would be an appropriate time for us to sit down and have an open discussion about the subject that we all seem to hide and don’t want to talk about, our love of hair bands.

I spoke to one of you today and I feel that you wanted to mock the hair band. You tried to convince me that you would NEVER listen to a hair band but I just can’t believe it. I bet if I spoke to your wife (or husband to protect your anonymity) he/she would definitely be able to name your favorite hair band.

You can’t tell me that there wasn’t a time in your life where you dressed up like your favorite hair band (even if it was to mock them) and took pictures of yourself. It is time to be honest with us and everyone else. Admit your love for the hair band. And this song by Warrant is just for you (you know who you are). Sorry that it isn’t “She’s My Cherry Pie.” This is M&K signing-off.

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Jon said...

This blog is hilarious. I don't know who you are talking about but, those who can find Extreme on their playlists should not throw stones concerning musical tastes.
More addicted every day.