Monday, October 27, 2008

Leaping lizards, Scooby Doo, it's almost Halloween

There are four days until Halloween and things are starting to get really disturbing. Tell us, what causes a person to take their clothes off, ask their special someone to come into the bedroom with them and then make the request to paint a giant pumpkin on their a--, I mean gluteus maximus? If that wasn’t troubling enough someone decided to take a picture of the frightening mural and then that person sent the picture their closest 10 friends and each one of them sent it to their 10 closest friends and so on and so on.
Those of you in a political mood (or not in a political mood) may enjoy this picture. We love this photo that makes John McCain look like one of the lizard people from the movie “V” from the 80’s. This blog was not created to share our political opinions because each of you should be smart enough to make your own. But if happen to come across some tiny piece of gold like this photo we must share it even if its only purpose is to bring a smile to your fabulous face.


Jon said...

Where is the other half of the pumpkins nose, and who would be brave enough to paint it there?

Jon said...

What do you think McCain was saying at that moment?

Sarrah-Leah said...

I think John McCain just pooed and realized that he was going to have to sit down for the next hour or so. It was a DEPENDZ moment.