Sunday, October 12, 2008

2008 Breast Cancer Ride & Trek

Yesterday, Saturday, October 11th, we participated in the Trek sponsored Breast Cancer Ride. It was a cold morning and we even spotted some snow falling in the valley. Luckily, we did not have snow during the ride just cold, freezing rain. There was a pretty good number that showed up even though the weather was wrotten. As you can see, everyone was really bundled up to keep warm.
There were two ride options to choose between, the 10 mile ride and the 25 mile ride. Normally, we would choose to take the longer ride but since it was so cold we decided to ride the 10 mile ride. As you ride through Lehi and almost get to American Fork there is a corner that the rider needs to take to get you back to the Trek store. Unfortunately one of missed the turn and ended up riding the entire 25 miles. Any normal day this would not be a big deal but since it was so cold it was not a bonus and resulted in a frozen face and body.
We want to thank Jeff & Kris from Trek for making this such a fun event from schwag bags to food to donating prizes for the drawing.We wish that we had informed more people of this event but we each invited someone to ride with us. Here is a picture of Kim's Aunt Lisa who did come along for the ride.
This morning, Sunday, we woke up to snow. No, we are not ready for this and may we not get more this month.


Jill said...

Good job girls! It was a cold one on Saturday... how come there are no pictures of Kim and Monica?

Kim & Monica said...

We know what we look like and didn't feel it was necessary to post them.

trekaf said...

Love the blog!
Thanks for the props on the Awareness Ride, Glad you all could make it out in the crazy weather to ride for a great cause! Great pics! especially the one with my mouth full of food!
Keep up the great blog!