Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Views of London

Here are some pictures of London. Big Ben, for those who don’t know, is the bell inside the tower not the tower itself. According to Stephen, our local British expert (who strangely enough doesn’t have eyebrows as noticed by Monica), informed us that the big hand on the clock is the length of a double-decker bus. Stephen was wonderful.
The most entertaining aspect of Stephen was his Jazz Hands. They would dance on the imaginary stage in front of him as he would gesture to St Paul’s Cathedral or Shakespeare’s old haunt, the Globe Theatre; it was as if Sugar Plum Fairies were dancing around to entertain the eye. It was magical. We also had the opportunity to visit the London Eye. It is huge and scary. Kim enjoys thrill rides like roller coasters, small engine planes, driving fast around the Alpine Loop but this caught her a bit off guard. As you can see, this young chap lost his head during the ride. It takes about 30 minutes to go one complete round of the Eye. Once we got home we noticed that the Eye could be compared to the All Seeing Eye because it showed up in the background of other pictures in other various parts of London. It gave a splendid sight for us to see.
The Eye is on the South Bank of the Thames River. Basically, this is where all of the freaks reside; you might call them Street Performers. We don’t like clowns and this is about 100 times worse than any clown. Luckily, you have to drop a pound (or whatever their coin money is called) into a tin (or lead) cup to make the “performer” come alive. They were scary. One guy was living in a wicker box and when the coin hit the cup he would run out of his box and practically attack you. Going to any local parade and having to deal with the annoying clowns pales in comparison to the freak show that we saw there. In closing today, if you want some good entertainment in London, England go to the Eye and get the crap scared out of you as you float above the city in a glass pod and then get the rest of it scared out of you as you walk down the river walk to see the local “talent” earning their daily bread. And be warned - DON'T LOSE YOUR HEAD!

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