Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Let's go for a walk

While staying in the luxury of the Renaissance Chancery Court in London, England, we felt like royalty. Walking into the lobby you were hit with the most relaxing smells and were instantly overtaken by the beauty. The hotel had the most comfortable beds. Yes, hotel beds that were comfortable and pillows that were like resting your head on clouds. We loved the Renaissance Chancery Court. It was sad to leave such a restful place and it was so much better than the Art Deco hotel in Paris; more on that hotel and Paris another day.

The hotel is located in the West End section of London. We were minutes away from the theatres. We were ten minutes away from The Thames, Westminster Abbey, Parliament, and the London Eye. But, there was a cozy little place that caught Monica's eye one day.

One afternoon we had the afternoon free from the rest of the tour group and had our little adventures around the city, again that is another story. But upon our return Monica said that she wanted to take a little walk. The children were not interested and wanted to return to the hotel room (of course, LUXURY awaited). So we walked down the street and there it was. On the other side of the street but still, it was there, The Bung Hole. If only it had been opened we could have entered and taken in the ambience, the smells, the . . . everything that it held inside those walls for us. But alas, it was too late and we were leaving the next day. But tell us, wouldn't you want to enter the Bung Hole?

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Jill said...

Haven't you seen Beavis and Butthead? Beavis walks around with his shirt around his head and says "I am Bungholio! I need t.p. for my Bung Hole!" That must be where they got it. :)