Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Quiz - well, it's a question this week

When growing up in Kansas we ate dinner with whatever family was within an hour’s driving distance but I also remember a girl from Japan joining us one year. Then there was the family from Tonga. It was fun teaching them about the holiday and learning about their culture’s holidays. Then there were those good family friends that we invited over to join us so that they would not be alone for the holiday. But my mother reminds me of when my brother and sister and I were just small kids and my kind, loving father would invite people over for dinner that they didn’t even know. My mom would feed them and these guests would fall asleep on the floor watching football with my dad. She was a little nervous to let us play around people that she knew nothing about but the people came, ate, slept, and then went on their way.

I wouldn’t say that my family is steeped in tradition but the meal itself is pretty basic with the roasted turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, pumpkin pie, etc. When I lived in Louisiana I learned about turduken. If you don’t know what that is well you stuff a chicken inside of a duck and that goes inside of a turkey. This is what I would call untraditional food. I never tried it but I heard that it was really good.

So the Thursday quiz/question is: How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Are you traditional or untraditional? Do you eat only roasted turkey or do you fry it? Do you eat steak instead of turkey? Let us know and give us some fresh ideas.


Gina said...

We actually have a luau because I am from Hawaii, we roast a pig and put the apple in its mouth and all that, then we do "The Haka" dance and everyone gathers around and eats, then we have a football game (tackle of course) and the last person left standing wins. That night we sing Karoake to songs by Beyonce, Rihanna, Don Ho, etc. It's really fun.

Kim & Monica said...

Gina - long time no hear. It sounds like your family is much more entertaining than mine. We get crazy and plan a mean game of Spoons. Once my cousin got the wind knocked out of him and another time another cousin cried because he kept getting out on the first round. Maybe we will have to try Karoake but it will likely be an old version of "Happy Trails" or the like.

Jill said...

We just have good old turkey and all that good stuff. My mom always makes yams and cranberries but I never see anyone eat them. I think my parents are thte only ones that eats those. Apple pie for dessert... yeah baby!

Jamie said...

We don't do anything too exciting; there's always way too much food and family for the average person to handle. But I like Thanksgiving anyway. It's like Christmas, but better because you don't have to buy presents.