Monday, November 3, 2008

Sweaty palms & tears

Over the weekend I was looking through a high school yearbook. While laughing at the really bad hair in some of the pictures, I saw a picture that brought back a horrible memory. It was my senior year and I was taking a Family Life class. You know the class I am talking about, it is supposed to help you prepare for life after high school but in reality is just a joke class that you screw around in.

During the year we had to fake marry one of our classmates. I don't know why this was necessary and I don't remember that there were any specific assignments to this fake marriage but I will share what I do remember.

Our crazy teacher invited some non-denominational minister to come to our class to talk to us about the importance of marriage and how he helps couples understand what a commitment marriage really is. I remember thinking to myself, "Yeah, I've heard all of this before."

Then came the actual fake ceremony that our entire class was going to participate in. There was a guy for every girl and so the teacher had each of us matched up with someone in the class. I remember thinking this will be kind of fun and luckily he was someone that I thought would be kind of fun to fake marry.

Then the horror began, the teacher said that we were going to start but that some of the classmates had invited their parents to come and witness the fake marriage. I thought to myself, "What loser would have their parents come to watch a fake marriage?" Apparently, my fake fiancée invited his mother to witness the farce. I swallowed and thought to myself that this is no big deal. Then when the "ceremony" began my future-fake-mother-in-law started to cry. I started to question if this whole thing was really fake. My future fake husband had total shaky hands and sweaty palms when he tried to put the fake wedding band on my finger. I really was getting nervous. Thank goodness I didn't have to kiss him. This was starting to freak me out too much. Needless to say, we didn't talk after that experience and I am still single. Sigh.

Let us know if you have any horror stories from high school that might have scarred you for the rest of your life.


Jill said...

I always wondered why you were still single, now I know. J/k That sounds like a ridiculous thing to do with a bunch of teenagers. They might take it too seriously and go on the honeymoon if you know what I mean. :)

McLerran Family said...

That's hilarious that parents came to watch and that some even cried!! So stupid!

Gina said...

Wow, did the teacher decide to "fake" marry one of the students too? Sounds like a pedophile or something weird like that to me.

Monica said...

I remember having an egg baby to take care of in that class. I don't remember being married. I wonder what that means? I did crack the egg and then I used an imposter egg to pass the class.