Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The old quiver chin trick

So it is over, Dancing with the Stars has announced the newest winner. While watching the final dances I saw Lance mess up a few times in his dance and Warren appeared to do the same. Then it was Brooke's turn. I wondered to myself if she was going to pull thru or buckle under the pressure like the other two. Brooke and Derek chose to do a waltz instead of something that was full of energy and excitement. The waltz was really nice and I didn't see any obvious errors with my untrained dancing eyes.

Once the dance was over I thought to myself that Brooke did a really good job and was feeling really good about Brooke's chances of winning. She has been getting my vote this season so of course I am probably biased in that opinion. And then, there it was. The camera closed in tight. It had to at least be a 15 second shot. Brooke's fiance, David Charvet, had the quiver chin. I lost it. I started to giggle at the quiver chin because I thought to myself that he stole my look.

This is the look I still give my mom when I want to comically annoy her. She gets irritated with me and just says to stop it. Sometimes she likes me to show the quiver chin to others when their kids through a tantrum or try pouting and she says that my sad face is much better.

So Brooke, I'm sure that your man's quiver chin was a ploy for a last minute sympathy vote but if it was or wasn't in the end you are the winner! Congratulations!!

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