Thursday, December 4, 2008

YOU choose the Sexiest Man Alive

Which of People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive winner do you think is sexiest?
Results will be posted Friday, December 5th.

2000 Brad Pitt
2001 Pierce Brosnan
2002 Ben Affleck
2003 Johnny Depp
2004 Jude Law
2005 Matthew McConaughey
2006 George Clooney
2007 Matt Damon
2008 Hugh Jackman


Kimberlie said...
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Jill said...

I used to love Brad Pitt, but I can't stand Angelina so that sort of ruins him for me and I haven't liked Pierce Brosnan for a long time. Hugh Jackman is definitely my vote if I can't vote for Keith Urban! Blimey! I really need to go to Australia. :)

Kimberlie said...

Here’s my opinion, I’m sure you have all been waiting to hear. Brad’s picture looks like a mug shot. Ben looks like a greaser from “Happy Days.” Jude, well, just NO. Matthew can be eye candy but then I remember what it sounds like when he talks and then I think about him playing the bongos and again I have to say NO. George has too much spray tan/bronzer on in that picture. Matt is only sexy to me when he is Jason Bourne. Hugh is the best out of this group. I saw the movie Australia last week. Loved it, especially the part where he dumps the pail of water on himself. Let’s just say that I was in my happy place for the rest of the movie.

Jamie Lyn said...

Pierce is just old. Ben's a horrible actor, plus he was going to marry J-Lo or whatever her name is now. I do think Jude is hot for a blond, but he cheats so yuck. Johnny was sexy in Chocolat, but that's about it. Other than that, he's just talented. I agree with Kim about Matt only being sexy as Jason Bourne. I've never been into George Clooney (when he talks dumb things come out) and I agree with Jill about Brad- he had his moment, but then he ruined it by getting with Angelina and her exotic baby collection.

So my vote....drumroll, please...the dark and incredibly sexy Hugh Jackman! Mmmm...yummy...

Jamie Lyn said...

I realized I forgot Matthew..that'spretty much what I think about him. He's forgettable.

Kim & Monica said...

Comment by blackhusrt3c:


Gina said...

I vote Johnny Depp, he is hot no matter what role he is playing... I can't believe Pierce Brosnan was ever the "Sexiest Man Alive", he is just not attractive to me. I like George Clooney in the Ocean's Eleven stuff, but he is too cocky and "plays the field" a little too much. Brad Pitt is a close second to Johnny Depp. I have always liked him, especially in "Seven Years in Tibet", he was just cute.

Who Me? said...

I'd say it's a toss up between Johhny Depp & Hugh Jackman. YUMMY!

Fifi Flowers said...

That is a VERY difficult decision! They are all HOT!