Monday, December 8, 2008

La Petite Maison

My friend has the sweetest French cottage that happens to be in Utah. Who would've thunk it??? She has lots of style & hates it when I tell her young Elizabeth Taylor looks just like her. Her charming house is all decorated up for Christmas. I love several things in her home, like the terracotta tiles on her floor. Well, I should be very honest, I love everything in her home. I covet her creamy white slipcovered sofas, which I can't have due to a messy/sloppy husband & children. Her home is a place where you could linger or be the house guest that never leaves. One day she may come home to find me napping on her fluffy white sofas or bed (which would totally creep her out, but it would be extremely funny)!

Be sure to notice the cute pictures of Kim & I that are now posted to the left under "My Profile". We're soooo adorable!


vicki archer said...

Very cute picture. Thank you for stopping by French Essence and your lovely comment, xv.

Carolee said...

Provence-your cottage is beautiful. Love the Orangery.