Friday, December 5, 2008

What a crybaby

So I took my sister out last night to help finish her Christmas shopping. It all went okay and it wasn't as painful as it could have been like in years past. So I finally got home about 10 pm and decided I wanted to watch my Thursday night shows. The first is Survivor. Okay, yes, I watch Survivor. I am one of those fools that enjoy reality shows (especially the Bravo TV reality shows, they are the best). Anyway, I'm watching Survivor and I realize that it is the "family visit" episode. So Bob, the physics teacher, won reward and surprise, surprise Bob's wife shows up and gets to actually spend time with him. Bob starts to cry. Bob's wife starts to cry. I start to cry. I am such an idiot that I choke up when people cry, it's like I can't let them have all of the fun and so I must join in too. Fortunately, there was only like one tear and then I was tear-free because I realized how stupid I was.

So I'm still watching the show and then Bob takes Mrs. Bob back to their little Survivor hut village and the other Survivor players come out to meet Mrs. Bob and they all start to cry. Well, Bob has an extra surprise and all of the other players get to see their family members. Oh there were tears all around but none were mine this time, thank goodness. Then it happened, Matty proposes to his girlfriend. This time I was laughing and thinking LOSERS!

If it was me, I don't know if I could have accepted the proposal. Okay, we all know that I am not married but I have decided a long time ago that if I am proposed to one day I will have to think twice about saying yes if the proposal happens in one of the following circumstances:

* Proposal is on the jumbo-tron at a sporting event. I guess we can assume that a reality TV show would fall under this category.
* Proposal occurs on Christmas or Valentine's Day (it makes me think that the guy couldn't think of anything for a gift so he decided all he could do was propose).
* Proposal on New Year's Eve again, it's a holiday but with New Year's Eve it has to have some total cheesy crap that must go along with the proposal like "as we start this new year together we can prepare to be husband and wife." Give me strength!
* Proposal happens with a large audience. I think this happens for one of two reasons. Once, the guy is afraid of rejection and thinks that the girl will have to say yes so that she doesn't look like a b*!@h to the crowd. Or two, he is so self-centered that he wants everyone to see what a "romantic" guy he is for attention.

Author's note: The author did not have any intention to offend reader if they were proposed to in such a manner as listed above.


Jamie Lyn said...

You know, if you feel the need to cry at Survivor, go for it. It's better than a football game.

I agree with you about proposals. I hate the cheesy ones, like the billboard proposal I saw one day on I-15. Come one, I-15 is ugly enough without that crap.

I am not romantic so I would be okay if future guy and I were sitting on the couch and he casually said, "hey, so what do you think about getting married?" I'd definitely prefer that to having him sing me a song and then propose to me at Temple Square with all my family around.

Jill said...

You're right, those proposals are cheesy and way overdone... I think an original proposal (not in front of a crowd of people) would be way better... like take you on a helicopter ride and you look down and the proposal is written on the ground in some huge way or something... I don't know but it has to be original... I love when you said "give me strength". It reminded me when George's dad on Seinfeld kept saying "SERENITY NOW!"