Sunday, April 12, 2009

Finally - spring weather

I was invited to participate in a Passover dinner with a friend’s family. No, they are not Jewish but I quickly accepted the invitation. In case you haven’t been to Passover before allow me a moment to tell you about the evening (at least at the celebration that I went to). There is a script provided with parts or readings assigned to different guests at the dinner. Basically, we learn about the Israelites and their experiences in Egypt and especially receiving their freedom from oppression with the guidance of Moses. The food is very symbolic but not the tastiest food that you would look forward to as if it was Thanksgiving dinner.
What is the food you ask? Well to start, parsley dipped in salt water. I don’t mind it much but again, I don’t know anyone else that makes a meal of salt-water dipped parsley. We also eat matza. Matza is unleavened bread and more like a cracker without any salt/flavoring. Some people describe matza to have the flavor of cardboard. We also enjoy some bitter herbs or horseradish but this is mixed with chopped apples, pecans and cinnamon. I actually like this flavor but at this Passover dinner I had a little too much horseradish and so it kind of burned. We did have a more traditional dinner after the symbolic part of the meal was finished that was very tasty. I give a big thank you to the Hauglids for allowing me to come to dinner and participate in the evening.
Today is Easter. It has been a beautiful day. I don’t know what life is like where you live but where we have had very grey weather. Clouds and rain and snow for months it seems. Today has been sunny and almost warm. It is beautiful. Easter symbolizes new life and springtime represents new life perfectly. The flowers have barely started to bloom and the lawn areas are starting to green up. And with the sun finally shining with all of its glory, I feel that I myself am feeling a new life beginning to start. I know that it is April but may today be the start of a new year that will bring good blessings to each one of us.

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Jamie Lyn said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Passover. Every year there is a fight about the hidden piece of matza. Every year I find it funny.

I am also happy for spring weather!