Monday, February 9, 2009

Photo bandit

Last Tuesday we went to "Ladies Night" at the local Trek Bicycle Store. Jeff and Kris provided a great atmosphere for all who attended. The food was tasty and there were yummy treats and drinks for all. Everyone who came received their own swag bag. The night was really informative and we learned a lot from from using the correct type of clothing (in case you didn't know) to how to help alleviate vibrations in your handlebars. The Midwest/Rockies Regional rep of Trek's Women Specific Design (WSD) division was there to instruct us. We give a big thanks to Tori for helping us have such a fun night. Tori opened our eyes to a product that we never have contemplated before: shammy butter! Let's just go with "don't ask us and we won't tell you."

Jeff tried to capture the memories of the night by taking photos. Well, we can't let him get away with taking pictures of us so we were sure that we got a few pictures of him just to keep things fair.