Saturday, February 21, 2009


I hope that you have all been interested in watching the Tour of California. This an 8 stage (8 day) road bike race. Many of you may have only heard about it because Lance Armstrong is riding professionally again and participating in the race. We have been watching everyday and loving every part of it. Some of our favorite riders are there along with our favorite team Rock Racing. Wednesday’s race was a great stage. There were two great crashes, unfortunately one rider was hurt bad enough that he had to leave the race (Kim Kirchen, we hope get feeling better soon. Hugs and Kisses). I enjoyed watching the three riders that broke away from the peloton or main group of riders for the majority of the day.

Let me paint the picture for you of Wednesday night. I have my bike set up on a trainer at home and while watching the race each night I ride my bike. So like a complete fool I try to peddle as fast as the pro-riders. Anyway, the other night I am peddling as fast as I can for the last few miles because I can see the giant pack of riders chasing down the three riders that have been in the lead for 4 HOURS. They are getting so close to over taking the three leaders. I fight the urge to scream at the leaders Tyler Hamilton (Rock Racing) and two other riders to hurry faster, the pack is so close. My heart is pumping and the anxiety is building as I am peddling and they are peddling and the pack is getting closer and closer. It’s like watching the shark in Jaws getting closer to the swimmer. No matter what the swimmer does or how fast he swims the shark is going to eat the swimmer. Then it happens, the three leaders are swallowed up into the belly of the peloton.
But wait. What’s this? Who is now coming from nowhere and attempting to win stage 4? It is my boyfriend, Mark Cavendish. Can he do it? Will he cross the line first? I think he did but then another rider thinks that he just won. Alas no, Mark is the winner! All hail, Mark Cavendish from the Isle of Man. The fastest sprinter in the world on a road bike. He has won the day’s race and my heart again. And to make the night end even better we get to hear him talk in his nice accent. Thank you, Mark and the rest of you pro-riders for giving me such a great day.

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