Friday, September 18, 2009

Real Estate Friday

Yes, I love you Mr. Darcy. I truly do love you. I love your estate. We will spend afternoons walking to the fountain and enjoying the blooms in the garden. We will even venture to the outermost borders of our land all the while walking hand in hand enjoying the vastness of the estate. I love you Mr. Darcy.
All of this could be yours for just $6,941,695.00 (or 4.25 million British pounds). Here are some additional facts about this lovely home.

The estate on which Kinross House stands was originally owned by the Earls of Morton but in 1675 it was bought by Sir William Bruce, regarded as one of Scotland's most important architects. Kinross House is a classically elegant Palladian mansion, built by Sir William Bruce as his own house and is generally considered to be the most elegant and refined examples of his work. Kinross House represents one of the earliest of Scotland's country houses.

The formal gardens at Kinross House are a superb and most attractive feature of the property. They rank as one of the finest formal gardens in Scotland.

Between the gardens and loch is a useful field of pasture which extends to about 22 acres. It is suited for grazings by horses or other livestock. Either side of the drive are a variety of mature trees providing amenity, privacy and shelter and to the North of the house is a further wood through which there is a lovely walk down to the loch known as the 'Dark Walk'.

The buyer will be given the right to put two boats with outboard motors up to 6 horsepower on Loch Leven, to enable them to fish for Loch Leven's world renowned brown trout. Included is the site of the former boathouse (now demolished) beside Loch Leven.

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