Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Worst Thursday Quiz

What was the absolute WORST... ever made? you were ever on? you have ever slept? you have ever had?
...disappointment in your life?
...New Year's Eve you have ever had? of your life? you ever ate?
...thing you ever did?

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Kimberlie said...

Good questions. Here are my answers:
What was the absolute WORST... ever made? Howard the Duck you were ever on? The one where I didn’t know I was on a date but the guy thought we were. It was really creepy. Jamie Lyn, you know what I am referring to. Horrible! you have ever slept? The floor of a bus going from Washington DC to Nashville, TN. you have ever had? Dodge Daytona Shelby, otherwise known as the “Devil Car” due to all of the mechanical problems it had

...disappointment in your life? The biggest disappointment is when I thought someone was a good person and with time you find that the person is only putting on a front that is completely opposite of what you thought.

...New Year's Eve you have ever had? The New Years that I wanted to sleep and couldn’t because Kiki was upset with Brandon who lived in the apartment below me. She was locked out and kept screaming “Brandon” at the top of her lungs then she would run up the stairs to the apartment door to bang and kick the door. Her shoes sounded like clickety clack plastic shoes. of your life? My birthday in 2007 – don’t ask, I don’t want to talk about it you ever ate? Hot cocoa made with water and cocoa powder while sitting in an apartment in New Orleans with a temperature of 85+ degrees. It was so bitter I couldn’t even pretend to drink it to be nice.

...thing you ever did? Probably the time me and a friend who will remain nameless for his/her own protection, put a deer skin on someone’s front porch step for no real reason but just to be mean. Or maybe it was the time I made the guy cry at work. Well, maybe it was the time that the girl wanted to be my friend and my reply was “I don’t need any more friends.” Dang, I keep thinking of so many other things that could be the worst thing that I ever did but there seem to be too many to choose from.