Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hopes of Spring

I was out running errands today and was overwhelmed by how beautiful our mountain was today. This picture doesn't do justice to what I really saw. The contrast between the blue sky and the pure white snow was wonderful.

It has been so cold lately that I just do not want to go outside. Spring needs to come quickly but when I see the mountain covered with snow and the sky is blue and no smog can be seen I feel happy. It makes me think that I can make until the mountain changes from white to green and the leaves start to pop out every where. Soon the crocuses will poke their tiny little heads out of the ground to help the rest of us preapre for spring.

But for now, there is no spring only the glistening white snow on my mountain. I will take what I can get. . . for a few more weeks anyway.


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My Realitty said...

I was in San Francisco the other day and the sky was so blue. It just made me marvel. Now it's rainy again so it was a treat. I know it will come back. :) C