Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Warm weather = the crazier are out

Last night I went to a local favorite to get a little dinner with my mom and sister. We were waiting in the drive-thru line and I noticed a man standing in the parking lot looking at the planter bed with flowers. He walked around the planter bed a couple of times and it seemed like he had never set his eyes on this particular variety before. He seemed to study them as if he wanted to take in every aspect of the flower. I turned away and a moment later looked back at the man. To my horror he was spray painting the flowers! Spring has come late her to our little Happy Valley so some of the blooms haven't totally matured yet and the flower was still a bit green.

Won't the paint kill the flowers? And if they do survive the paint color will clash with the natural purple shade of the bloom.

Here's a picture of the type of flower the main was spray painting. Unfortunately, the paint had more red in it than blue.

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